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Tip Tap Tow
Tip Tap Tow, an urban tap dance on an exploded stage, was performed on January 30th, 2015 at noon in Chicago's South Loop.

Tip Tap Tow
Tip Tap Tow, an urban tap dance on an exploded stage, was performed on January 30th, 2015 at noon in Chicago's South Loop.


A heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported Seep! You all made this project possible!

Install + Deinstall Strike Team: David Breckenridge, Quyen Le, Chris Ottinger, John Harness, Jeremiah Hulsebos-Spofford, Cecilia Vargas, Christina Cosio, Rebecca Parker,  Michael Christiano

In-Kind Support: Neon Shop Fishtail, Arcade Brewery, Joe Schmidt Creative, Chicago Artists' Coalition

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Karin Wuebker     Moira Hughes and Mike Silverman     Joseph Schmidt     Jesse Klausmeier     Gavin Breyer     Kate Nardin     Kristen and Craig Addonizio     Amy and Frank Holloway    

Daniel Urbina-McCarthy    Corinne Mitchell     Meredith Weber     Thomas Johannsen     Dylan Lingelbach     Amy Hwang     Cameron Hu     Deirdre Fox     Alan Carlson     Becky Zeisel    

Audrey Peiper     Andrea Nair and Amit Agarwal   Takashi Horisaki and Nina Christens    Jim Bruno     James  Jankowiak     Uba Backonja     Georgia Binnington     Casey Chin    

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Jennifer and Paddy O'Reilly     Bill & Hong Le-Bruno    Ong and Ba Ngoai    A Tia and Ma Ba     Pamela Lee    Paulina Garcia     Kris Everson     Amitabh and Ruchi Bhandari     Russell Peterson

Diane and Hal Harlowe     Aay Preston-Myint


For EXPO CHICAGO the International Exposition of Contemporary and Modern Art this past September 18-21, 2014, I created a 40 foot long neon sculpture entitled Seep that hangs in the entrance to Navy Pier’s iconic festival hall. Seep utilizes the darkness of the cavernous space to play with visitors’ eyes, bodies and brains. Dripping slowly down the brick wall and puddling on the concrete floor, the work is both a sculpture and sign. The shape of the work – an oozing curtain for a crumbling urban stage – was developed through a meticulous editing process combining and reordering the shapes of real spills and seepages. Here, where water and land meet at the easternmost edge of downtown Chicago, both the liquid and the land transgress their boundaries; the sculpture is simultaneously molten and solid, light and form, a living body and a ghost.