Featured Artwork

Seep, Rendering for EXPO CHICAGO 2014


For EXPO CHICAGO an international art fair that runs from September 18-21, 2014, I will be installing a 40 foot wide neon sculpture entitled Seep that hangs in the entrance to Navy Pier’s iconic festival hall. Seep utilizes the darkness of the cavernous space to play with visitors’ eyes, bodies and brains. Dripping slowly down the brick wall and puddling on the concrete floor, the work is both a sculpture and sign. The shape of the work – an oozing curtain for a crumbling urban stage – was developed through a meticulous editing process combining and reordering the shapes of real spills and seepages. Here, where water and land meet at the easternmost edge of downtown Chicago, both the liquid and the land transgress their boundaries; the sculpture is simultaneously molten and solid, light and form, a living body and a ghost.

(Rendering by Joseph Reid Schmidt - www.josephreidschmidt.com)