Featured Project

PERFORMANCE: Checks & Balances


Wednesday, October 4, 4:30pm-5:30pm

Location: Various sites across the Loyola University campus, beginning at Mundelein Center Lobby


Erik L. Peterson in collaboration with Kirsten Hedegaard and the Loyola Chamber Choir.

A simple performance between two distinct choirs, one singing the word "Checks" and the other, "Balances," as they roam across campus, becomes a meditation on the nature of the body politic in relation to the student body and the role of religion, science and higher education in a secular society. The choirs move slowly - through libraries, the chapel, high terraces, near crashing waves, across common greens, through tunnel-like viaducts - at times coming together to sing, at times moving apart. This performance, is accompanied by a neon sculpture that stays lit at night in the gallery window, referencing the ubiquitous neon signs seen across the country in check-cashing stores, reflects both the tenuous nature of the American project of self rule through the lens of businesses that thrive on usury of Americans at the margins of society. In this performance, the weekly ritual of going to church and cashing a check are called forth is a call-and-response for our contemporary moment, which asks more questions than has answers.


Checks & Balances is being performed as a part of the exhibition:

Body Work

Curated by Betsy Odom and Rafael E. Vera
Sept 7 to Oct 13, 2017

This exhibition will use the gallery as a site to explore the intersections between studio practice and performance art, raising questions about how we understand different approaches to art-making. Alongside performances during the opening and throughout the exhibition, the gallery will feature physical evidence from each artist, highlighting the various objects and artifacts that augment the artists' performance practices.