AGLOW - Seep Travels to Norfolk, VA

AGLOW at Work Release - 759 Granby St. Norfolk, VA

Seep traveled from its debut at Chicago's Navy Pier all the way to the east coast, Norfolk, Virginia! If you're around, check out the opening at the new N.E.O.N. District - an arts revitalization that is making a big buzz!



Presented by Rutter Family Art Foundation, Work | Release holds its inaugural show, AGLOW, a neon exhibition showcasing 12 local, national and international artists working with sculptural neon, in the center of the NEON District. The exhibition will undoubtedly project the New Energy of Norfolk. Opening night will coincide with Downtown Norfolk Council’s First Friday for the season. The whole neighborhood will be abuzz, AGLOW at the center, an exhibition pulsing at the heart of the arts district.

The exhibiting artworks were selected from a global call-out. Each work uses primarily non-language based neon to explore themes of light, narrative, and form. Without defaulting to the written word, a common trope with this medium, AGLOW illuminates the sculptural and conceptual side of neon.

+ Sarah Blood
+ George Vidas
+ Valerie Shusterov
+ Erik Peterson
+ Woodrow Collective
+ Ben Wright
+ Hannah Kirkpatrick
+ Hiromi Takizawa
+ Clay McGlamory
+ James Akers
+ Billy Crellin
+ Kate Hush
+ Christopher Wolston



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