Seep: Double Your Donation today!

The Great Pink Neon OOZE is well on its way! I have drawn the full-size template for the work and the glass is currently being "bent" by master benders John Noga and Tom Brickler at The Neon Shop! Seep is being built in 22 individual 7 foot segments and the entire work utilizes 5 separate electrical transformers! I am super happy and so excited to have all of your support (Seepport) on this truly gigantic project.

This is a BIG week for the Seep campaign. Today, Monday August 25th, the Hatchfund organization is MATCHING your donation, up to $250! So if you've been planning to donate, today is the day! Check out my video and donate here:

This Wednesday, Seep will be the featured project on Hatchfund! They will be sending the project out to their international audience - so get your prizes while they last!

A donation of any amount is incredibly helpful - you are the patron of this Sculpture, and it wouldn't be possible without you! (And don't forget that you can take home great ORIGINAL artwork by yours truly, a baby onesie for a friend's new little 'un, a tee shirt or photograph, and best of all, your donation is tax deductible!)

Thank you so so much! (And please please keep me updated on what you're up to!)